Own, hone and refine what is rightfully yours
- your masculine power

Embark Upon
The Most Important Journey
You Will Ever Take

Are you meandering through life, moving from one woman, relationship, idea or experience to the next - lacking the clear vision to see what you really want, seize it and then see it through until fruition?

In a 21st Century world, many men are struggling endlessly to understand their role in. They feel like they don’t matter. They feel like they aren’t being seen, heard or appreciated for their unique gifts - the things they want to bring into the world. Even if they are in good jobs with stable career paths, they feel stuck and uninspired. They want to put their energy into something meaningful - something that sets their soul on fire and gets them out of bed in the morning with a smile on their face and a purpose in their heart. But just... what exactly?

Do You Need More Clarity?

Clarity is the mark of a confident, purpose-driven man. 

A man with clarity knows what he wants from life, the world and his relationships. 

He has a strong vision of the path he needs to take in order to get there. 

He is deeply attractive to women, because clarity is the very essence of masculinity itself

Not only is he irresistible to women, he also understands them. 

He can interpret the rhythm of the feminine. 

He knows how to dance with, instead of against, her - appreciating the beauty of her movements instead of finding them chaotic and confusing.

So, What Could Clarity Actually Look Like In Your Life?

What if it meant you could:

  • Know what it is that you are meant to do in this life - discover the innate gifts and talents you were born with, and start creating the legacy that will live on far after you make your departure - your unique person imprint upon the world
  • Understand women on such a deep level that connecting, relating and sharing your life with a woman will come naturally to you. No more lying awake at night wondering what you did or didn’t do wrong

Walk The Path of The Jaguar
And Become The Master
of Your Own Destiny

Gain clarity by sharpening your focus. One of the primary senses of the jaguar is its ability to focus so intently upon its prey so that it can stalk it for hours, finally undertaking a swift, smooth and calculated attack when the right moment arises

With the guidance of a woman - unravel the mystery of the feminine - so that she can call you into the highest expression of yourself

Reignite your innate masculine strengths of clarity, focus and discipline - allowing you to bring your greatest gifts into fruition

Embody true confidence in all areas of life - the kind of confidence that begins deep inside and radiates outwards - attracting the right people, situations, and opportunities to you

Imagine How It Would Feel…

  • To know exactly what it is that you really desire from life, and the confidence, focus and drive to go out and get it
  • To be able to navigate relationships with all the women in your life with understanding, ease and grace
  • To feel fully confident in your ability to have and give amazing, satisfying sexual experiences

...To live in accordance
with the qualities of
the empowered masculine:

Confidence, Responsibility, Logic, Focus, Stability, Courage, Protection, Stability

A man in his empowered masculine is focused, determined, active, giving, protective and safe. 

He lives in full alignment with his purpose. 

Naturally, his relationships with the women in his life are nothing short of extraordinary. 

This man generously shares his gifts with the world.

As An Empowered Masculine Man, You Will:

  • Become the kind of man that other men look up to - a role model for your friends, family and peers
  • Know what it is that you want to do in this life, and have the balls to go out there and do it
  • Wake up each morning full of positive energy, enthusiasm and motivation for the day ahead - no more hauling yourself out of bed in the morning and dragging your feet towards the coffee machine. 
  • Experience what it is like to have true balance in your personal, professional and intimate life.
  • Be absolutely confident in your ability to please a woman in bed, to make her feel safe, open and turned on enough to have multiple kinds of orgasms (and multiple orgasms ;)

Are You Ready To Step Up & Show Up For The Challenge?

Step Up

This program is for any man who wants to:

  • Level up in his way of relating with women. To finally stop f*cking around. To stop causing pain and suffering to women and to stop feeling pain and suffering himself. To understand what women want and need in order to feel safe and loved - and how to go about meeting those wants and needs without sacrificing too much of himself or his energy 
  • To gain mastery over his sexual energy and experience unwavering sexual confidence. Confidence not only about his ability to stay hard for hours... But also about his ability to ravage a woman by making sacred yet animalistic, wild and raw love to her - leaving her dripping wet and begging for more.
  • Start moving through life with direction and purpose.

Show Up

In order to truly benefit from everything that will take place inside of this container, you must be ready to:

  • Cast aside your previous assumptions about women, love and sex, and step into a new paradigm of relationship
  • Work deeply on your attitude towards sex - its purpose, infinite possibilities and the goal of love making
  • Take risks, challenge your boundaries and open up to a new way of being
  • Be patient. Take the viewpoint that you are in it for the long run. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and transformations take time.
















The Path Of The Jaguar

Your Rite Of Passage Towards the Full Expression of Your Masculine Power

Supported & held by the Feminine


The Jaguar’s Inauguration: Into the Depths of Polarity

What is Masculine & Feminine Polarity really about? 

Gaining a deep understanding of polarity is the groundwork for the Jaguar’s pursuit.

You’ll discover the vital importance it holds for you, your manhood, your life purpose and your relationships.


Wound Mending Station: Healing the Relationship to the Feminine

Uncovering the wounds the Jaguar has been carrying is a key part of his path. 

Wounds created in early childhood will be healed, shining a new light on the mother-son dynamic and unlocking a much deeper understanding of self.
When the broken link to the feminine is left unmended, it shows itself in sabotaging patterns within all your relationships with women. This is relevant but not exclusive to romantic relationships, and can even appear in the dynamics with your daughter, friends, employees, employers, and your own inner feminine.


Pursuit of the Golden Key: Decoding the Female Mystery

Here, we’re going to unlock the gates of confusion once and for all. 

To many Jaguars, the woman is an enigma. 

Does she seem chaotic? Illogical? Hysterical? Overly emotional?

You’ll discover that there is a pattern to her movements. Once you understand it, you’ll obtain the key to navigating her movement. This is something she actually longs for, as the masculine brings much desired order to the feminine flow.


The Land of Light & Dark: Unveiling the Two Faces of Sexuality

On this part of the journey, the Jaguars will meet both the sacred and the primal lover within, and learn how to embody both. We will be fully exploring the tantalizing territory where sacred sex meets the inner animal; every woman’s (wet) dream.


Crossing the Physical Plane: Embodiment of Tantric Sexuality

You’re going to gain a deep understanding of sexual energy, your own and hers. And you’ll get to unlock exactly what she wants and really craves from you; even her deepest, secret, unspoken desires. 

Here, you’re going to learn how to connect past the physical plane. How to penetrate her body, mind and heart all at the same time, and fuck her into divinity. 

You’re also going to learn to navigate your sexual energy in order to experience deep full body pleasure. 


Full Body Domination: Sexual Mastery

On this final, powerful step of the journey, the Jaguar will learn how to become the complete master of his body and his undisputable sexual energy. 

You’re going to cross the borders into extraordinary sex by learning the art of non-ejaculation. You’ll also master how to last longer and unlock explosive full body orgasms, as well as multiple orgasms (yes, men can have them too). 


The Jaguar’s Integration

The fully embodied Jaguar is celebrated, ready to go after his desires fearlessly and to continue growing on his individual path.

What You're Getting

This course is a six week container. Each week we will be undertaking a different mission.

You will receive: 

  • One weekly call of between 1 and 2 hours
  • Weekly home practices to integrate the teachings and go deeper into healing, releasing and evolving
  • Private Facebook group to interact with the other jaguars on the path, and me, Magda
  • Direct contact with me via message and emails
  • Worksheets for you to keep track of your progress
  • Recordings of all the sessions so that you have lifetime access to what is being shared
  • Access to my active private members’ community where there is regular, active discussions about topics surrounding love, sex, relationships, life, tantra and more!

Ready To Go Even Deeper?

If you feel the call to embark on this path and you are ready to show up fully, with all your desires and all your fears, I have a special opportunity for you to take this adventure even further.

Join Inner Circle

For the bravest of the jaguars, you can receive additional 3 private online sessions with me (worth $900). The sessions are 60 min each to be used within 3 months from the beginning of the program on July 15, 2021

DATES: July 15 - August 25, 2021 (6 Weeks)

Sessions happen on Thursdays (July 15, 22, 29,  August 5, 12, 19)

TIME: 9am PT, 12pm ET, 6pm GMT+2, 

USA: Los Angeles - 9am | New York - 12pm

EUROPE: London/Lisbon - 5pm | Berlin - 6pm

Two Paths. Choose Yours.

The Path Of The Jaguar

  • 1-2 hr weekly online sessions, held live by your Feminine, Magda Kay
  • Access to private FB community
  • Weekly home practices to integrate the teachings and go deeper
  • Lifetime access to all recordings

667 USD

The Path Of The Jaguar:

Inner Circle

  • Everything from The Path of The Jaguar
  • PLUS: 3 private online sessions with Magda, 60 min each (worth $900)
  • Limited to 5 Men only

1,567 USD

1,267 USD

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