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Discover Tantric Tools & Ancient Wisdom
and Unlock Full Potential for Pleasure, Love and Sexual Satisfaction in Your Relationships

Do you want to spice up your relationship?
Explore deeper levels of intimacy and spiritual connection?
Are you curious what is Tantric Sex and how come Tantric Lovers can make love for 6 hours?
This and more is waiting for you inside my upcoming live online course,
Tantric Secrets for Relationships

Program Starts In:

Too often we settle for a mediocre intimate life. We feel so high when we fall in love, but over time the fireworks burn out, and though you may still deeply love your partner, you feel the chemistry is not the same.

And even more, after being together for years, the passion often gets replaced by annoyance and bitterness over all those things that your partner is doing (or not doing). Without the same passion you used to have, and with more friction, it's really not easy to be 'head over heels' with your partner for many years.

This is a problem of 99.9% of couples on this planet. And no wonder! We have never been taught how to create a great, magnificent, burning, passionate relationship. We rely on our increased levels of testosterone and all the chemicals in our brain, but we don't actual have skills, nor do we know techniques to create a truly deep, spiritual, consciousness-expanding relationship.

Maybe you're in a relationship right now that got to this point. You're not yet ready to let it go, you want to invest in it, and reignite passion.

Or maybe you're single, having broken up with your partner who seemed so great at the beginning but then simply changed.

Or, maybe you just met someone, and you want to do everything you can to keep the high levels of love and passion you're feeling right now.

No matter where you are with your love relationship, you can always take control of the quality of your intimate life. Every day is an opportunity to break old patterns, learn new skills, get ideas for sexy experiences with your current or future partner, discover techniques to deeply connect with your beloved and simply become the best partner anyone would be lucky to have.


Your Invitation To
'Tantric Secrets for Relationships'

Online Program

Tantric Secrets for Relationships is an online course designed to give you the tools and principles of sacred sexuality so you can experience total sexual satisfaction, more pleasure, deeper orgasm and more love in your intimate life. This course will help couples strengthen their connections, as well as singles to radiate their sensual charm to the fullest.

Here is Exactly What You're Getting


  • Have you experienced loss of libido or sex drive? We will discuss how the masculine/feminine energies impact your sex life and how to consciously increase your arousal, attraction and desire to your partner
  • Most of us experience sexuality in a passive way, allowing our sexual energy to flow by default. I will show you how to direct the flow of your sexual energy (and that of your partner) to allow totally new and mind-blowing experiences
  • I will show you how to determine whether you're dominated by the feminine or the masculine energy and how to match your partners dominating energy at any given timeBoth men and women move between these two energies thorough the day and I will show you how to put yourself in the energy that will most suit you for a great sexual experience.
  • Breath practice: Orbit breath - this technique is great for opening your body for more sensations and deeper pleasure. It will activate your energy, open your sex and heart chakra and unlock main energy channel in your body. This can be practiced both solo and with a partner.


  • Just like people have different personality type, different body type, different blood type... they  also have different sex type. I will share with you 4 main Sexuality Types (which are linked to Chakras) and will help you discover which one is yours, and which one is your partner's

  • Learn what to do (and what never ever to do!) to sexually activate your partner

  • Understand better your own turn-ons and how you can reach deeper orgasms
  • Sometimes we find an amazing partner, whom we love very deeply, but... sex just doesn't flows. I will show you how to create sexual compatibility where it’s lacking.

  • You will also learn how Astrology links to your sexual fulfillment.

  • And how to work with your Chakras to experience more sexual pleasure. 


  • Learn what happens to your physical strength and life force when you have an orgasm (and why sometimes an orgasm is bad for your health!)

  • You know about G-spot, but did you know about 3 other points in a woman's vagina that can give her even deeper orgasms? I will share with you about them all!
  • In fact, I will reveal 9 types of female orgasm! A woman can have such a variety of sexual experiences and I will show you how to experience each of them.
  • And for all the men joining, we will talk about ejaculation vs an orgasm and how a man can too experience full body and multiple orgasms


  • You've probably heard of Tantric lovers who enjoy 2-, 4-hour or even longer sessions of sex. How is it possible? I will share with you Tantric secrets for extending your pleasure, such as 'valleys and peaks' technique, tips for increasing your stamina, how to keep your arousal high and how to 'ride the wave of pleasure'.

  • You will discover 3 principles of Tantric sex

  • I will show you how to merge physical pleasure with a spiritual experience, so that you can feel expansion of consciousness while enjoying amazing orgasmic pleasure (either solo or with a partner).
  • Once you start having Tantric sex, you won't wanna go back! I will share with you how Tantric sex differs from a traditional approach to sex and what are the specific benefits


  • Discover Tantric tools to make honeymoon period last as long as you want. With the right approach you can feel crazy in love and deeply passionate about your partner no matter how long you've been together.
  • Understand how your and your partner's core wounds sabotage your relationship, and often - break it. If you know what to look for and how to manage it, you'll be able to enjoy a happy and harmonious relationship for many years.
  • Tools and strategies to keep the spark alive, even if you've been together for years and your desire for your partner has dropped (yes, you can lift it up!)
  • Even the best relationships experience challenges and conflicts. It's how we deal with them that determines the quality of our connection. I will share with you tools to be able to express honestly what's not working for you as well as know how to create a safe space for your partner to open up to you. Without it, you can't enjoy a long lasting great relationship.


  • This is your introduction to the magical world of Tantric Rituals. You will be given a step-by-step guide to hosting your own ritual, including both the preparation and closing of the ritual for the most powerful effect
  • I will share with you one of the most secret and potent ritual, Sex Magic. This ritual uses your sexual energy to manifest your goals and dreams
  • I will share how to link your rituals to Moon cycles, and how to harness the special energy of the Full and New Moon

Hi, I'm Magda Kay.
And I'm thrilled to share with you the ancient techniques of Tantra

Hey love, my name is Magda Kay and I'm an International Tantra Teacher, Intimacy Expert and Relationships Coach.

For years I dealt with commitment issues. Not being exposed to a single example of a good relationship I became very cynical about love. I had no skills to communicate well, and I was too afraid to even admit I wanted a relationship. Not surprisingly, I got myself in some messy situations.

With the work I did on myself, I finally realized what I wanted, and I got it. But... I didn't know how to take care of it. So I lost.

It was only thanks to Tantra and teachings of Sacred Sexuality that I got the needed tools and developed the skills to not only attract my perfect match, but keep growing with him and making our relationship better and better every day.

Now, I'm passing the same tools to You.

Program Details:

  • You will be added to a private FB group and all sessions and discussion will happen there
  • There will be 6 sessions, each 1 hour long
  • Sessions will happen live (via FB live). If you can't make it live, the recordings of all sessions will be available in the group (also after the program is done)
  • During the live sessions, you can interact with me: you can share your feedback, comment and ask questions. This is still available for anyone watching the replay. Comment and I will answer your questions in the follow up video or post.
  • This FB group will remain open (so you can access all the videos and content) after the program is done.

What Others Are Saying About Working With Me:

“We wanted to explore outside of our relationship”

Tristan and Ann have been casually dating for a few months time. They are both very open and curious. They came to me because they wanted to explore connection to more than 1 person at a time.

I designed the session so that Ann and Tristan could interact with each other and myself. This way they could experience what it’s like when another being enters their space and what it means to be fully present with more than 1 partner, how to share touch and intimacy.

“It was so beautiful being together with two women. It was the first time I could experience two different energies. It made me fall in love with Ann even more and gave us confirmation to to include other people in our relationship.” - Tristan

“I loved it! I felt held, I felt safe, and I felt so honored. I miss your energy already!” - Ann

We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationship, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank u!

Amy & Andre, France

I have been curious about Tantra but didn't know how to get started. Then I met Magda through a friend and decided to give it a try (despite feeling still rather uncomfortable about the whole thing). We worked privately with Magda, and it was beyond what I could have expected. Magda showed me a whole new approach to sex and how to enjoy intimacy with my partner outside of the bedroom. I always though it's something women wanted, but I couldn't find pleasure in it myself. But then we did a few really fun exercises together that showed me a whole new side to sexuality and pleasure. I've become a much more considerate lover and my partner's happiness is the best proof of that.

Derek, Australia

Join 'Tantric Secrets for Relationships'

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 247 USD (before Jan 18th)

REGULAR PRICE: 297 USD (after Jan 18th)

To book your spot:
1. Make the payment via PayPal to [email protected]
(please use option "send money to a friend or family" or "gift")
2. Send an email [email protected] with the copy of your payment receipt.
3. We will reply to your email with the details to joint he program

* Program starts on Jan 22nd, 2020

Refunds & Cancellations: as this is a live program, once it starts on Jan 22, 2020 we no longer offer refunds

If you have any questions, send us an email to [email protected]

Times & Dates of Live Sessions


Q: How do I watch the videos?
- Once you make the payment, you will be added to a closed FB group. All sessions will happen via FB live. All you need to do is tune into them at a specific time or watch them later at your own convenience.

Q: If it's live, does it mean I can interact with you and ask questions?
- Yes. You can type your questions while the session is happening live and I will address them on the call. You can also ask your questions later, in between and after the sessions.

Q: I am single. Can I still do the program?
- Yes. This training is designed for everyone. If you're currently single, this course will give you tools to activate your sexual energy, will help you understand better what partner will be your best match and when you do start a new relationship, you will be able to show up as an empowered, open and awesome partner.

Q: I can't make it live to the sessions. Can I still watch them later?
- Yes. The FB group you will be a part of, will remain live with all the videos in it. You can watch them and re-watch them when and as many times as you want. We are not, however, responsible for FB decisions, should it choose to close/delete the group.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

Early Bird Ends in:

Join 'Tantric Secrets for Relationships'

EARLY BIRD PRICE: 247 USD (before Jan 18th)

REGULAR PRICE: 297 USD (after Jan 18th)

To book your spot:
1. Make the payment via PayPal to [email protected]
(please use option "send money to a friend or family" or "gift")
2. Send an email [email protected] with the copy of your payment receipt.
3. We will reply to your email with the details to joint he program

* Program starts on Jan 22nd, 2020

Refunds & Cancellations: as this is a live program, once it starts on Jan 22, 2020 we no longer offer refunds

If you have any questions, send us an email to [email protected]