TANTRA BUSINESS HUB is a 1-week intensive online program for women, designed to give you all the practicalities of Tantric/Tao work.

The goal of this program is to prepare you for the real-life challenges of teaching Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. It is designed to help you deal with judgements, manage your public persona, position yourself as an authority and stay safe.

Session 1 |


  • facing your own judgements against men
  • facing your own judgements against women
  • how to build trust with a male vs female client
  • the nature of working with men and how to guide them without emasculating them
  • how to work with women without creating rivalry
  • main issues men are facing vs the main issues faced by women
  • how to incorporate own energy when working with couples

Session 2 |


  • how to stay energetically separated from the client, yet be able to tune into them
  • energy cleansing practices before and after session
  • pre-session energy preparation and post-session cord-cutting
  • understanding legal aspects of working with sexuality
  • taking precautions online
  • how to protect yourself from sleazy clients
  • how to state your boundaries and be able to stand up for them when the client starts testing you

Session 3 |


  • dealing with own judgement against sex and being a "sex worker"
  • facing the fear of being slut-shamed, attacked for being too sexual or a prostitute
  • how to deal with online haters and nasty comments
  • how to present your work without triggering people
  • crisis damage tactics
  • knowing your own boundaries and how not to cross them
  • how to use the criticism to step deeper into your own integrity
  • how to manage your own romantic relationship and the possible issues arising from the work you do

Session 4 |


  • how to stop serving your friends for free
  • how not to become a therapist to your lover/partner
  • how to tell your family and friends what you do
  • business tactics to keep the two words separate
  • understanding the deep consequences in your relationships when you step into the energy of "being of service" and how not to let it drain you
  • how to say "no" to friends, family and clients
  • how to transition from a "friendly advice" into a proper session with your friends and loved ones

Session 5 |


  • choosing the business name
  • crafting a tagline/elevator pitch
  • how to answer the question: "What do you do?"
  • premium vs mass branding and how it impacts your social media, pricing and packages
  • must-have assets for building your brand
  • the art of vulnerable sharing and how to use your own stories to build your tribe
  • how to position yourself as an authority, even if you don't feel like one (and remain in your own integrity)
  • the importance of providing free content but how not to over-deliver
  • using your own charm and sexuality at work

Session 6 |


  • defining what you offer
  • how to organize all the techniques you know into clear, sellable services
  • "entry price" services
  • VIP services
  • single sessions, intensives, packages, workshops and retreats - the many types of offerings
  • online vs in-person services
  • main sales objections and how to overcome them
  • making selling fun


  • You will be added to a closed FB group and all sessions and discussion will happen there
  • There will be 6 sessions, each 30-60 min long
  • Sessions will happen live (FB live). If you can't make it live, the recordings of all sessions will be available in the group (also after the program is done)
  • You are invited to ask questions during the live sessions. If you are watching the replay, you can still do so, and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.


To book your spot, please send money via paypal to info@magdakay.com
(please use option "send money to a friend or family" or "gift")

If you have any questions, send us an email to info@magdakay.com


For all other timezones, check http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

About me, Magda Kay...

I've been teaching Tantra and Sensuality for 4-5 years. Having background in digital marketing allowed me to build my own business which fully sustains me financially and gives me space to travel as much as I want.  I have 3 websites, 2 blogs, a YouTube channel of over 16K subscribers, 10+ various online programs, I worked at festival, and seen client privately in 5 different countries. I see a big need to bring the business tactics to spiritual world allowing us all to make a good living while sharing our true gifts and being of service. And this is what Tantra Business Hub is about.