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Master The Art of Non-Ejaculation,
Channel Your Sexual Energy
& Experience Full Body Orgasms

Are you curious how to practice ejaculation control?
Do you want to experience all the benefits of non-ejaculation without feeling pain or discomfort?
And, without sacrificing your own pleasure?


You may have read 'Multi-orgasmic Man', talk to other men or even practice forceful retention yourself.

And... you may have found it very difficult, and even feel pain and discomfort.

So let me make one thing very clear: EJACULATION CONTROL IS NOT MEANT TO CAUSE YOU PAIN.

Ejaculation control is not about forceful retention. It's not about keeping your semen in when your whole body wants to push it out.

Unfortunately, like with all popular topics, many people jumped on the bandwagon without dedicating enough time to study and understand this practice. Sadly, what is taught and practiced these days strips men of sexual pleasure, and can even be harmful.

Ejaculation control is NOT about:

  • yet another 'goal'
  • taking away your pleasure and orgasms
  • being hard on yourself if you 'fail'
  • tensing and contacting the body
  • feeling incredible urge to ejaculate that causes you pain
  • having to eventually come to release the tension
  • lower quality fo sex life

So let me tell you a little more about what ejaculation control is about...

  • it's about conserving your life force energy
  • it's about learning to surrender and deeply relax
  • it's about lasting as long as you want
  • it's about learning to feel and move your energy
  • it's about channeling your sexual energy into your heart to experience more love and intimacy
  • it's about spreading arousal into your whole body so you can experience full body and multiple orgasms (!!!)
  • it's about making sex a deep, spiritual experience

How does that sound?

Your Invitation To 'Sexual Mastery' Online Porgram

Sexual Mastery for Men is an online course designed to give you the principles of sacred masculine sexuality and guide you through the practices to master your sexual energy.

The program consists of 6 recordings (each 1 hour long), where I will explain and demonstrate specific techniques, and then do the practices with you. You will receive the needed theory and practice to master your ejaculation and open for full body orgasms.

Hi, I'm Magda Kay.
And I'm Thrilled To Teach You The Ancient Techniques Of Ejaculation Mastery.

Hey love, my name is Magda Kay and I'm an International Tantra Teacher, Intimacy Expert and Relationships Coach.

I have guided men from all around the world through the techniques to master their ejaculation,  experience full body orgasms and reach new depths in their sexual life.

My beloved has shared with me: "If there is one thing I could change about my past, is to master my ejaculation. This is the one skill I wish I knew about 10 years ago".

I hear the same from my clients.

And this is why I decided to teach these techniques online, so that every man - no matter where you live - can learn to last as long as you want, experience a deeper connection, and full body orgasms.

Men are way more sexual than we think. You were not made for 10-seconds orgasms. You were made to experience orgasmic waves for minutes and even hours.

And you were not made to feel drained after sex! Shouldn't the most pleasurable experience make you feel even better? Yes, that's what you were made for.

And this is what I will teach you in this online program, Sexual Mastery for Men.

Wait, a WOMAN Is Teaching This??

I am asked this all the time: how can a woman teach a man ejaculation control?

You're right, I can't relate to having a physical cock. Nor how the urge to ejaculate feels like.

But like I wrote before, ejaculation control is not about forceful retention. If that's all you're interested in, you'd be better of speaking to your mates.

I teach you ENERGY SEX. I teach you how to feel your energy, how to activate it at will and how to channel it.

You may have heard the term kundalini energy. Well, your sexual energy IS your kundalini.

Kundalini is the feminine principle, it's the shakti, the goddess. Due to our different energy constitutions, women have an easier way to connect to her and move her.

This is why traditionally women were the ones to initiate men to the art of sacred sexuality and not the other way around!

Once you learn how to master your sexual energy, your experience of sex will be much more alike to how a fully awaken woman experience sex. You will move from pushing (ejaculation) to pulling (injaculation) sexual energy. You will open to full body orgasms and multiple orgasms (something that women have always been able to experience). Your point of focus will move away from the genitals to the whole body. You will experience deep heart opening, tapping into unconditional love.

And In Case You're Still Not Sure, Here Is What Other Men Have To Say About 'Sexual Mastery' Program

For many years I lived in very unconscious way. I subconsciously felt that the experiences with my sexuality are at a very basic level. Bad habits and constant loss of energy kept me in place and caused a longing for something more. Despite frequent experimenting and searching, I was still frustrated and dissatisfied with the effects. However, step after step, I had been searching, making changes and adjustments. The subsequent blocks were slowly falling off. It was very slow process and sometimes frustrating. I realized that I needed a teacher. Someone who will guide me on this path.
Then I found Magda's teachings and decided to buy her course. And it was like "woow". During and after the course I had many "aha" experiences. I understood so many things very, very easily and rapidly. Magda showed the techniques of working with the body, breath and energy that changed my perception for the rest of my life. These exercises were sparks for many exciting changes in my life. I am very grateful and happy that she introduced me into the world of tantra. Namaste

Lukasz N.
Lukasz N. Poland

That was a wonderful program  and I'm so happy I joined it. I've been doing Taoist ejaculation control techniques and Tantra since my early 20's. I used to do the microcosmic orbit practice back then, so when you said "it feels like a drug" when the energy goes up and round the body, I knew exactly what you meant. When I got into a relationship I wasn't able to maintain my practices. I remember feeling extremely depressed every time I ejaculated and feeling like I had lost of a lot of energy. I always knew that the best person to teach this would be woman, because of the ancient mystery teachings. But I never imagined I would find a woman in this day and age who could teach it. That's why I'm so happy to be on this program. It was clear to me after the first session that you are a natural born teacher of this material. And I love your energy too, a wonderfully open-minded person, and such free-flowing natural feminine energy.

- Mike, London, UK

Magda was instrumental in helping me get started on my sexual transmutation journey! Her instruction was easy to follow and she kept a great pace. She is engaging and passionate about passing along her wisdom. Highest recommendations!

Shai F.
Shai F. USA

Here Is Exactly What You'll Experience
If You Join 'Sexual Mastery'


  • We will bust common myths about male sexuality and male orgasms
  • Orgasm vs ejaculation
  • Explore Man's curve of pleasure
  • Find your Point-of-no-return
  • Explore your Energy Body and understand how your sexual energy moves
  • Learn how to perceive energy


  • In this session we will practice the most powerful technique to control ejaculation, Belly Suction
  • I will show you how to perform this technique on your own as well as during love making with your partner


  • We will do practices to increase your vitality and endurance
  • It will help you get stronger erections
  • And experience more intense orgasms
  • You will learn how to activate your sexual energy & turn it on on demand


  • In this section I will teach you a very intense practice to open your heart
  • It will help you to move your sexual energy into a full body bliss
  • Through this practice your capacity to give and receive love will significantly increase, allowing for a more intimate and honest connection with your partner


  • Understand and release mental blocks limiting your sexuality
  • How does sex without ejaculation looks like, and what happens to your pleasure
  • Discover physical, mental and energy techniques to control ejaculation
  • Why do you get "blu balls" and what to do about it


  • Explosive vs Implosive orgasms
  • Benefits of non-ejaculation and redirecting orgasmic energy inwards
  • A new definition of orgasm (ready to ride the pleasure wave?)
  • Learn powerful technique for full body and multiple orgasms, The Microcosmic Orbit

Order Now To Get:
FREE Bonus: "Find Your Sexuality Type"
PLUS: 100 USD Discount


Have you ever wondered why you couldn't match sexually with your partner even though everything else worked perfectly? Or why you had great sexual chemistry with someone you didn't vibe with outside of the bedroom?

Just like people have different personality types, different likes and dislikes, different food preferences, different taste in fashion... they also have different sexuality types.

Ready to find out what YOUR sexuality type is?

Join 'Sexual Mastery" and receive a free video training exploring 4 main sexuality types & find yours!

Two Paths. Choose Yours.

If you feel the call to embark on this journey and you are ready to show up fully, with all your desires and all your fears, I have a special opportunity for you to take this experience even further.

The Sexual Mastery course will guide you through the practices and all you need to know to master your ejaculation. And if you choose to go further, you can receive additional 3 private online sessions with me (worth $900). The sessions are 60 min each to be used within 3 months of the launch (before August 31st, 2022)

Sexual Mastery

online course

  • 6 x 60 min video trainings
  • 3 powerful breath techniques to control ejaculation
  • 6 more mental and energy techniques
  • BONUS: 'Find Your Sexuality Type'
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • PLUS: $100 off!

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Sexual Mastery

+ VIP Access

  • Everything from Sexual Mastery online course
  • BONUS: 'Find Your Sexuality Type'
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • PLUS: 3 private online sessions with Magda, 60min each (worth $900)
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