Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Private Mentorship and Certification Program

Are you dreaming of diving into the magical world of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and explore all the techniques and secret rituals?
You're in the right place. Here you can explore all aspects of this path to enhance your own intimate life and teach others to do the same.


There are 3 main human desires, 3 areas people have and always will spend money on:

  1. How to get rich
  2. How to lose weight
  3. How to find love

Everyone wants a great relationship and great sex, but hardly anyone knows how to get it. Most people struggle with their intimate life, they are lost, blindly trying to navigate the whole world of sexuality, only ending up heart broken, failure after failure.

This is where you come in. You can be the one to show them what they’ve been longing for their whole life.

There is huge demand for Love & Sexuality Coaching, and there always will be.

With Tantra you can get ahead of other professionals in this field. Most coaches and healers lack the understanding, language and skills around intimacy issues. Without it, you leave a massive hole in your knowledge. And a massive untapped business opportunity. When you dive into Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, you will open the door for more clients, more money and more transformation.


  • It opens new business opportunities for you in the field of relationships, love and intimacy. You will have knowledge to go deeper with your clients, offering them more profound transformation, as well as be able to service more people with more challenges
  • In the current times this type of services are needed more than ever. The lockdown has affected our intimate lives in a huge way, many relationships ended, others don't know how to deal with their partners spending so much time together. Many people are not getting enough intimacy or sex. They need help to move through these challenging times.
  • Most coaching is incomplete if it doesn't address sexuality and intimacy. Even for life and business coaches, having the knowledge and understanding of sexuality and how it impacts other areas of life is essential to be able to provide holistic and complete services to your clients.
  • Many dating and relationships coaches don't go into the topic of sex, either because they don't feel comfortable discussing it or because they lack adequate knowledge
  • Modern medicine & sexology is still behind. While Western doctors still debate whether G-spot even exists, or whether female squirting is urine or not (it's not!), other paths, like Tantra, have long explored male and female sexuality in depths, including kundalini orgasms or non-ejaculation.
  • You will enhance your personal life, too. You will be able to use Tantra for your own intimate life, improving your relationship and sex life, and learn how to use Tantric rituals to manifest your dream life and unlock your full potential


is a one-on-one, 12-week intensive online program designed to give you
the full spectrum of tools, techniques and knowledge of Tantra & Sacred Sexuality, whether you want to add these new skills to your professional or personal life.
In this program you work directly with me and get personal access to me: my guidance, my experience, my knowledge and my expertise.

Each week we will dive into a topic and explore it in depth in both theoretical and practical way. You will receive the core philosophy and the teachings as well as be guided through exercises and practices.

It's one thing to understand the teachings, it's another to embody them. This is why you will also receive a task/technique to practice before the next session, so you can go even deeper in the topic and fully integrate it.


  • 12 week deep dive training: 3 x teaching sessions + 1 x integration call every month
  • All sessions are 1-2 hours long, live & 1-on-1 with me (priceless)
  • Recordings of all the calls + worksheets
  • Private access for support in between calls (priceless)
  • Certificate (upon completion of the program there will be an optional test to receive a certificate)
  • Lifetime access to all my online courses : Sexual Mastery for Men, Female Sexuality Decoded, Sezual Awakening for Women,  Sex Rituals, Find Your Sexuality Type
  • BONUS: 1-hour private coaching session with me, to be used with 6 months of the beginning of the program

I have spent over 10 years and thousands of dollars to learn what I know now. And in this program I will be sharing it with you. This is a unqiue opportunity to get access to my practice, experience, studies and initations. You won't find this knowledge in books, and it normally takes intense rituals and years of commitment to receive some of these techniques. You are getting them for a fraction of time and investment.

Price: 9K USD



  • What is Sexual Energy and can anyone feel it?
  • Learn about the anatomy of your energy body: understand main energy centers, energy channels and energy clogs
  • Discover the deeper truth about Orgasms: learn about energy, full body and multiple orgasms
  • Understand how orgasms impact your health and vitality and learn about the difference between life-enhancing and life-depleting orgasms
  • Experience powerful breathwork to open and activate your energy body. This practice can move a lot of energy and can be a great assistance in releasing our blocks around sexuality.


  • Learn about different curves of arousal for men and women and master the art of aligning them for a mutually satisfying sexual experiences
  • Discover how to use the natural energy spirals in a male and female body  & Learn the Spiral To Heaven technique to fully awaken the body sexually
  • Understand how Chakras impact male and female sexuality
  • Learn the powerful breath technique for connecting Heart and Sex and activate the natural flow of sexual energy in both male and female body


  • Understand collective conditioning around sexuality
  • Uncover your own beliefs about sex, genitals, physical pleasure and relationships
  • Learn how to heal our relationship with our genitals
  • Explore the importance of self-pleasure and a new way to practice it to connect deeper with your body and own sexuality
  • Understand how sex becomes an outlet for our shadow: our unexpressed needs and unprocessed traumas


  • Summarize and bring together the teaching from the previous 4 weeks
  • A chance to pracitce, revise and ask questions on the materials we covered so far


  • Understand why sex is such a big deal to women and how it impacts a female body on an emotional, mental and physical level
  • Discover 9 types of genital female orgasm, nipple orgasm, throat orgasm, and more!
  • Learn the secrets of female ejaculation
  • Release negative conditioning and expectations around female genitals and fall in love with their true beauty with the life-changing practice of Yoni Puja


  • Explore all layers of male sexuality: man's pleasure curve & point of no return (PNR)
  • Let's talk about ejaculation and orgasms (and why they are not the same!) and how sex without ejaculation looks like
  • Discover how men can experience full body and multiple orgasms
  • Learn this powerful breath technique for non-ejaculation and full body orgasms


  • Discover 4 main sexuality blueprints
  • Understand the specific turn on's & turn off's for each type
  • Learn how your Chakras impact your sexual preferences
  • Learn how to create compatibility between all sexuality types


  • Summarize and bring together the teaching from the previous 4 weeks
  • A chance to pracitce, revise and ask questions on the materials we covered so far


  • Understand the sources of traumas
  • Learn about body's reactions to trauma: tension and armoring
  • Understand the mechanism of freezing and numbness and how to work with it
  • Discover techniques for releasing trauma
  • Learn how to restore joy and pleasure
  • Experience a beautiful Yoni/Lingam healing practice


  • Understand how specific Chakras impact your sexuality and how they can be blocking you from deep pleasure and orgasms
  • Explore Root Chakra activation techniques for increased vitality, endurance, safety and stronger orgasms
  • Learn how to increase the flow of sensuality, fantasies, desire and creativity with the Water Flow technique
  • Learn how to bring more fire into your life so you enjoy high drive and passion
  • Understand why Throat plays a fundamental role in our ability to orgasm and how to unlock it to allow full body and energy orgasms


  • Learn how to bridge sexuality with spirituality and learn how to use sex for personal growth
  • Discover how to awaken all your physical senses to enjoy maximum bliss and ecstasy
  • Explore your body's ability to orgasm outside of sexual experiences
  • Explore the sweet art of slowing down and relaxation
  • Learn the ancient Tao practice of Microcosmit Orbit for deep merging with your partner into oneness
  • Learn about the sacredness of sexual fluids and how to use their energy


  • Summarize and bring together the teaching from the previous 4 weeks
  • A chance to pracitce, revise and ask questions on the materials we covered so far

Get professionally trained & certified from anywhere in the World

Upon the completion of the program, you have the option to receive a certificate. If you choose to become certified you are required to successfully past the final test, which will confirm the integration of the knowledge and techniques covered in the program.


  1. We work 1-on-1. It’s a personal program and you get my full attention. You don’t have to worry about squeezing your questions in, and hoping they'll get answered. All the sessions and all the time we spend is for and about you.

  2. The program is tailor-made to you. When you join a pre-scheduled group program, you have to adjust to the tempo of the group. There will always be parts of the program you’ll find boring but you can’t do anything about that. And there will be parts you wish to spend more time on, and you can’t because the program is decided for you. In our program we adjust the tempo and focus to your goals and preferences. That means, we can spend extra time on the topics that interest you the most and we can go over again certain parts if you need more clarification or more explanation.

  3. Flexibility to meet your schedule. One of the biggest challenges of various teacher programs is the imposed dates. Not everyone can commit to a month of daily work, and even scheduling a fixed date once a week can be difficult. In our program we make the schedule work for you, understanding that sometimes unexpected things happen. You don't have to worry about missing a session if at times life is demanding your attention somewhere else.

  4. Everything is taught by me. In other programs you get some access to the founder, other times you just get the videos and often you are also taught by the team. I joined more than one school and program expected to learn directly from the founder while in the end their certified assistants taught most of the program. It’s simply not the same.


  • Coaches, Healers & Bodyworkers working in the fields of Intimacy, Relationships and Sexuality who want to expend their expertise and offering into Sacred Sexuality and Tantra

  • Men and women, single or in a partnership, who want to enjoy the best, 100% fulfilling and satisfying love and sex live

  • Any person who desires to become a Tantra Teacher and teach Sacred Sexuality as a career

  • Anyone who wants to become a Tantrika and follow Tantric principles as their spiritual and life path


There is no doubt about it: the world has changed. We are going through an incredible shift that will permanently reshape how the world functions. There is no going back to the old.

At any time in history when the society went through a massive change, some people always managed to thrive and grow. Whether it was after the great depression or a war, some people seem to be able to adapt and take advantage of the new reality. They don't get discouraged like most. Instead, they are actively looking for new opportunities, seize them and as a result they manage to improve their lives.

We are seeing the same this very moment.

Many people are struggling. Many people feel lost, disempowered and scared. They are waiting for things to get back to normal, for the opportunities to re-open. Until then, they are waiting, trying to survive, simply doing their best.

And then there are those who can see the opportunity in what's happening. They can recognize new needs of the market, they see what the world is missing the most, and they pivot to be able to provide for these new needs. They remain in the driver's seat and live their life purposefully.

We've already seen such people who in the recent months have transformed themselves, their relationships, their social life and their business. Reward? They are thriving. They enjoy great health, maintain most important relationships, their needs are met - and they get to serve. They are getting more clients, more money and they are offering people what they need the most in these times.

Coaching industry is booming. So now is the time to invest, pivot and put yourself out there. Those who take action now, will grow exponentially. Because they are the ones creating the new market. If you wait too long, all spots will be taken.


  • The program is  3 months long (12 weeks)
  • We meet live, once a week, for a 1-2 hour online session, in which we will dive into the topic of the week
  • Each month consists of 3 new teaching sessions + 1 integration session
  • This program combines knowledge and practice. You will be given tools and techniques to practice after the session.
  • You will receive recordings & worksheet of each of the calls
  • It is a 100% individual, 1-on-1 program - ONLY YOU & ME
  • The exact time and date for sessions will be mutually agreed to adjust them to your schedule, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

The price for this program is 9,000 USD. If you're interested, please fill out the application below.
Once received, I will schedule a free 1-hour consultation for you to answer your questions and see if this program is the best match for you.

What will happen on the call:

      • I will explain in details what is covered in the program
      • I will answer your questions about the program
      • We will see if this program is a good fit for you (because it's won't be right for everyone)

What will NOT happen on this call:

      • I will NOT try to hard sell you. I personally hate when people do it and I would never want you to feel pushed.
      • I will NOT break you apart or leave you with open wounds that "only I can fix". I know many coaches use this approach, but this is not how I do things.
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