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Female Sexuality Decoded

Rock her world like no other man ever has, connect with her deeply & enjoy the most fulfilling intimate life with her

How much would you give to uncover the secrets of female sexuality
To know how to give her deep orgasm every time you make love? 

And to give her 8 different types of orgasms

How much is it worth to you to be among a few men who know there are 3 other magical points apart from the G-spot?
It only gets better...

Uncover The Secrets Of Female Sexuality

Welcome, my Love.

Along with so many of my girlfriends, I have lived for many years unsatisfied.

There were things I wanted my partners to understand, to know, and to do! But I would never ask, because I was too shy.

You have no idea how many women leave the bedroom dissatisfied but act as if they had the best sex of their life.

You have to understand women have been conditioned for centuries not to speak up. Not to displease. Hell, we were told women don’t enjoy sex and if you did, then you’re a slut! So… we have learnt to keep things inside, and never share our truth.

Despite all the progress, women’s sexuality remains mysterious and misunderstood.

But if you are here, it means you want to learn how to fully please and satisfy your woman. It means you recognise the incredible power in Her sexuality. It means you want to discover all the secrets about her pleasure. And you want to give it to her. (Thank you for that!)

Your woman may feel too shy to share all her secret desires with you. But, what you may never hear from her, you will discover here.

Welcome to

Female Sexuality Decoded

Exclusively for Men like You, a program that will reveal to you all the hidden secrets about female sexuality - the secrets women would never tell you, but they are dying for some man to finally know it. Be THAT man.

Here are all the juicy things you will discover when you join
"Female Sexuality Decoded" program:

Session 1 |


  • Learn how to fully open your woman sexually
  • Female erection (and how to know when a woman is ready for penetration)
  • Understanding the positive and negative poles in her body and how to play with them
  • How to make her feel safe
  • How to help your woman get out of her head and be fully present

Session 2 |


  • The difference between implosive and explosive orgasms
  • G-spot... and 3 other magical points in her yoni
  • A deep spot in her body no one even knows can give mindblowing O's!
  • Female ejaculation, kalas and techniques for making her squirt.
  • All 8 types of orgasms she can have by stimulating her genital area and..
  • 3 other parts of her body (not in the genital area) that can also give her a big O (so that makes it 11 types of female orgasm and you will know them all)

Session 3 |


  • 4 types of sexuality
  • How to know which type she is
  • How to create compatibility between her and your sexual blueprint
  • Juicy secrets of each type and how to use them to drive her wild

Session 4 |


  • Understanding masculine-feminine polarity and its impact on sexuality
  • The secret sexual fantasy almost every woman has (but she will never tell you, because it feels so inappropriate!)
  • How to play out intense scenarios while keeping it safe
  • Playing with ropes, slapping, choking and more...

Session 5 |


  • Why women store traumas in their bodies and how it impacts their ability to orgasm
  • What to do if she is numb in her yoni
  • What to do if she feels pain during penetration
  • Emotional releases, why they happen so often during sex and how to guide your woman through them
  • How to get her out of her mind, and back into the body

Session 6 |


  • Learn the secrets of ancient Tantric ritual to worship, honor and please your woman
  • You will learn how to correctly prepare the space, yourself and your woman.
  • Step-by-step guide to setting the mood and clearing the energy
  • You will receive specific techniques to honor her body, her feminine gifts and her yoni
  • How to properly close the ritual to maintain the energy of the ritual

There Is Even More...

Look, the fact that women may not tell you want they want is one thing. But they will also not tell you... because they simply do not know.

We are not encourage to experiment or to explore our bodies. The only sex most women have ever experienced is what you see in porn: fast, goal-oriented, emptying. All opposites of female sexuality.

How can your woman tell you about 8 types of female orgasm if she hardy ever experienced even one of them? How can she point you to 4 sweet spots in her yoni, when she mostly feels numb inside? How can she show you how to give her the deepest possible orgasm, when she doesn't even know she can orgasm from this place?

What you're getting in this program in not only the secrets women feel too shy to share with you. You will also learn things about female sexuality that most women don't even know about.

By the end of this program you will not only know how to meet her true and deepest desires. You will also be able to give her pleasure, she thought was impossible to feel.

You will over-perform any other lover she has ever had.

About me, Magda Kay...

As an internationally renowned intimacy coach, my work has led me to specialize in coaching men for over 6 years. I love the masculine. I constantly encounter men who want to become the best version of themselves and the best partner for their woman, but haven’t been given the tools to fully embrace what's possible.

I love seeing the transformation my clients experience. Once they understand how women operate and the nuances of female sexuality, they get to experience the most fulfilling intimate life. They know how to guide their partner deep into her body, and through these both experience the most pleasure together.

This is possible for you, too.

I've worked with hundreds of men from with various levels of experience in relationships and sex and from various cutlural backgrounds. And let me tell you this: it doesn't matter what you've experienced so far. With the right guidance, you can become her best lover and enjoy the most passionate and fulfilling intimate relationship.

It is truly my honor to invite you onto this path and share with you everything I know on how to please a woman.

After all, who better to tell you all than a woman herself, with years of experience in Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and psychology.

Your FREE Bonus

Tired of ending up either in the "friend zone" or getting labeled "one night stand only"?

This video training was voted one of the top trainings at One World Tantra Festival in Spring 2021 and now it can be yours, all for free.

I explain the difference between creating love & desire, and how to play with polarity, safety, distance and familiarity to become a master of flirting and seducing.

If you feel the call to embark on this journey and you are ready to show up fully, with all your desires and all your fears, I have a special opportunity for you to take this experience even further.

Female Sexuality Decoded course will guide you through all the insights and secrets of how to approach, treat and touch women so they can open more, and feel more pleasure.

And if you choose to go further, you can receive additional 3 private online sessions with me (worth $900). The sessions are 60 min each to be used within 3 months of the launch (before February 5th, 2022)

Female Sexuality Decoded

online course

  • 6 x 60 min video trainings
  • Access to all the secrets of female sexuality & practices to help you open your woman
  • BONUS: 'Get Better at Flirting & Seducing"
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • PLUS: $150 off!

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Female Sexuality Decoded

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  • Everything from Female Sexuality Decoded
  • BONUS: 'Get Better at Flirting & Seducing"
  • Lifetime access to all materials
  • PLUS: 3 private online sessions with Magda, 60 min each (worth $900)
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