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Traditionally it was women who initiated men to Tantra and the arts of Sacred Sexuality. By tapping into her feminine energy, her connection to nature, and the center of sexuality - her yoni & her womb - a woman guided men into the depth of their own pleasure, sexuality and empowerment.

I feel honored that I get to work with men, that I get to initiate you to the same path. I strongly believe men and women need to come together and open to the gifts that we have for each other.

This work is my way of sharing the feminine gifts with you...

Here are some of the topics we can dive into:

  • explore Tantra & sacred sensuality solo and/or in a relationship
  • discover how to become her dream lover
  • understand The Male Growth Path, recognise where you are and how to move forward
  • dealing with challenging emotions like jealousy, anger or hurt
  • understand and tap into primary male archetypes (for the full self-expression)
  • understand your patterns around relationships
  • understand and heal social programming around guilt, asshole-shaming,
    the pressure to be the provider, to be perfect
  • learnt techniques for non-ejaculation and practice energy sublimation for full body orgasms
  • and more


I practice open relationships. I recently met a woman I'm in love with but she is afraid to explore open relationships. We talked about it and she is curious, but she still has her fears. I really care about her and so I wanted some help, but it is not easy to find a coach who works with open relationships. When I came across Magda I finally felt there is someone who understands me and who can help. She showed me how to talk to my partner and how to make her feel safe and supported. It was really helpful.

- Alex, Canada

I was very uneasy about bring it up with anyone. I was having affairs and never told my wife. I didn't like I was doing it, but I couldn't stop. i became addicted to it. I still loved my wife and hated that I was lying to her.When I first met Magda it hit me how open she is. This is why I decided to approach her. Being a woman, I feared she will judge me, but she didn't. She was very understanding and I knew I could trust her. That was the most important thing to me. I wasn't looking for condemnation, but understanding and Magda has showed it to me. Thanks to this we managed to work why I was cheating on my wife so I could finally change my habits.

- Ash, Singapore

I was curious about Tantra and non-ejaculation but I never felt comfortable joining any workshops and groups. I feel much more comfortable doing one on one work, and this is why I decided to work with Magda. She is a true daikini. She has enormous knowledge and really understands men. It was a true pleasure connecting with her and learning from such a beautiful woman, inside out. Thank you

- Mike, Poland
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