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When I look at two people who chose each other and committed to doing the work so they can stay together, it fills me with joy and pride. I feel truly honored when a couple trusts me to invite me into their intimate space. So many people go through life searching for "the one" and here I see people who have - and they intend to hold on to each other. Love is for the courageous ones. It's easy to bail and give up but to stay together through everything that life throws at you and keep falling even more in love with the same person over and over again - that's true life mastery!

Even though I use the word 'couple', I believe in all kinds of relationships, in all forms and numbers. To me a relationship is a living organism: changing and unique. I don't believe there is one way to be in a relationship and I don't believe in a very strict definition imposed on us by the society. I welcome open relationships, triadas, swingers and any other beautiful form you've chosen for yourself.

Here are some of the topics we can dive into:

  • explore Tantra, love rituals & Sacred sensuality
  • bring more passion & boost sexual desire
  • understand 4 sexuality blueprints and how to create a strong sexual compatibility between you and your partner
  • increase polarity between masculine & feminine in your relationship
  • receive tools and guidance to express your needs, boundaries & desires 
  • get guidance to opening your relationships & exploring conscious non-monogamy
  • heal co-dependency, childhood wounds and get out of the child-parent dynamic between you and your partner
  • and more


We used to be crazy about each other. Finding alone time was never an issue until the kids came. Now they come first. And so does the house and work. We started spending less and less time together. This is why we decided to work with Magda. We wanted to bring back that passion we had. With Magda's help we started taking time for each other, going on dates and appreciate one another. Having Magda keep us accountable allowed us to create new routine around our relationship, despite a strong urge to keep pushing it to the side. It is absolutely possible to enjoy passionate relationship even if you have family and work to keep you busy and Magda has been great and guiding us to this place. Thank u!

- Amy & Andre, France

We've been married for 6 years. We love each other, but we just didn't have the same passion we used to have. Chris stopped desiring me and started looking around which was very painful to me. I tried everything but it didn't do much. We still had sex but it was irregular and we both felt unmet with our needs. This is when a friend told me about Magda. We decided to go all in and sign up for a 3-month coaching. We didn't want to separate but we knew things had to change. Magda helped us see how - unintentionally - we were pushing each other away. She helped both of us drop deep into our hearts and be vulnerable with each other. She gave us techniques which helped us reconnect and now we are stronger than every before. I have so much gratitude to you Magda. You kept us together. I will be forever grateful, you're an angel.

- Barbara & Chris, Spain
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