It's my birthday.
Will you help me?

Hey love, wow, thank you for opening the link. I want to share something vulnerable about me. I love giving, I love nurturing and caring for others, but... I am not very good as receiving. So 2 years ago I decided to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and ASK to receive what I desire - by asking my friends and followers to support me through donations towards my birthday gift.

It felt so uncomfortable asking people in such a direct way. It still does. And this is why I'm doing it. This year again I am asking you if you would please donate money so I can get myself a thing that I deeply desire - something purely for me, for my pleasure and enjoyment.


My Wish For my 35th Birthday:


I've been in love with these for years! I love festival clothing and these leotards are absolutely stunning.


Donate any amount:


If you want to rock my world, you can get me one of the playsuits. Here are the details:

  • Size: XS (UK 8-10)
  • Color: Any (apart from black)
  • Link to the product: CLICK HERE
  • Please message me for my mailing address at (or via FB/Instagram)

Thank You!