Here you will find a list
of all online programs available on our platform

Home Study Programs

These are in-depth program that include multiple videos
and around 6 hours of content.

Sexual Mastery (For Men)

Explore the depth of male sexuality, dive into Tantra for men, master the art of non-ejaculation and open your body to experience full body orgasms.


Female Sexuality Decoded (For Men)

Exclusively for Men, a program that will reveal to you all the hidden secrets about female sexuality so you can become her best lover & give her maximum pleasure


Sexual Awakening (For Women)

Woman, open the flow of your sexual energy, tap into the source of your confidence, radiance and joy and experience deep pleasure in your body


The Irresistible Woman (For Women)

The 6-week Transformational Journey Of Self: Discovery, Healing, Empowerment & Love... - Become The Irresistible Woman To Have Your Dream Lifestyle — Without Compromising Your Femininity, Relationships & Time For Yourself


Guest Trainings

These are recordings from guest trainings at online festivals and events.
Each video is 1-2 hours long and it inlcudes presentation, emodiment practice
and Q&A.

Sex Rituals

Get access to a 30-min video training guiding you thru steps to prepare a sex ritual. These steps are rooted in Tantra and allow anyone to experience sacred sexuality, even without any previous experience or practice.


Find Your Sexuality Type

Learn about 4 Main Sexuality Types" understand your sexual blueprint, discover your secret turn-ons & create sexual compatibility with your partner


From Anger To Orgasm

Learn how to channel any emotion into orgasmic ecstasy

Get Better At Flirting & Seducing

Discover the science behind flirting and how to land in that sweet spot of being seen as both a great lover, and a great friend.

How To Know If You're Ready For Sex

Experience my powerful process of connecting to your body to make sure you're in full alignment when deciding to be intimate with someone.

Money Sex Ritual

Welcome to the magical world of Tantric Rituals. Experience this incredible potent ritual, in which we merge sexual energy with money to open you for more abundance and prosperity.