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  • take the pleasure beyond the physical?
  • expand your understanding and experience of sex & intimacy?
  • boost vitality and libido?
  • heal wounding around sexuality, love and relationships?
  • move beyond the physical experience?
  • have clear boundaries and ease at expressing them?
  • learn the art of conscious touch?
  • become more in control of your energy and open up to full body, energetic orgasms?

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I welcome and fully support Non-Disclosure Agreements, with all the responsibility that it implies. I hold your privacy at the highest regard. Any communication between and the work we do together remain solely between us.


Magda I'd like to thank you for the experience. I don't like to compare, but I have never felt what happened today and I'm still feeling the sensations 😊 Amazing!!!

Bob, Germany

“I lost touch with my femininity”

Kate is my dear friend. She is a digital nomad, an entrepreneur and she is very successful. She works mostly with men, and she feels more than comfortable with them. She came to me because in all the rush of work, she started losing touch with her femininity. She had very few female colleagues and those she did have were very masculine and goal driven.

We focused in the session on awakening all of her senses, re-sensitizing her skin, and allowing her body to feel the pleasure she was too busy to even noticeNext week I got a message from her this message:

“Though you’d like to know. I had multiple orgasms last night. I totally forgot how amazing that feels. THANK YOU!” - Kate

“The most intense experience ever. Better then ayahuasca.”

Dick has had a history of sexual trauma. He had his first intimate experience only in his early 30s, was still not sure about his sexuality, had no confidence, and was rather closed down
The session allowed him to feel his sexual energy in its fullness, without the pressure to perform or having any standards to meet. With moving this energy we started a deep process of healing.

“It blew my mind. I knew you were good, but I had no idea how much. That was the most intense experience ever. Better then ayahuasca. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” - Dick, Canada

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