True Man

Become her dream lover & her best friend

More and more women claim there is no real men out there.

Is it true?

What does a woman mean by “real men”?

What does a woman really want?

And more importantly, can YOU give it to her?

You are not going to get a great woman by luck. She knows her worth and she knows what she deserves.

You have to become a man worthy of her.

You are here. That means you are committed to become that man. To become her dream partner, her best lover and her friend. A man who will make her happy, and that she will never want to let go for anyone else.


An online course for men ONLY that will give you insights into a woman’s brain, her heart and her body. You will learn what she secretly desires, but is too shy to express.

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“True Man” is a 4-week journey open to any man who wants to step into his full masculinity, ravish his woman and enjoy passionate, deep relationships.

After these 4 weeks you will know things about women that rarely any men does. That puts you ahead of competition. And it gives you access to incredible pleasure, passion and love.

Here is what you’re getting in each of the weeks:



Polarity of energies

  • Understand the polarity of the two opposite energies: masculine and feminine.
  • Learn how to use this polarity to increase desire
  • Get tools for strengthening your masculine energy
  • Discover how to get her out of the masculine and back to her loving sexual, receptive self
  • Understand why women like bad boys (and how to use it to you advantage)
  • Get tips on how to keep the polarity in and outside of the bedroom



Sexual Blueprints & Sexual Compatibility

  • Discover which of the 4 Elemental Sexuality type are you
  • Find out how to read your partner’s sexuality type
  • Learn which Elemental Sexuality types are most and least compatible
  • Understand why sometimes it just didn't work in the bedroom despite huge attraction and sexual desire
  • Learn how to create compatibility between the incompatible styles (this is the fun part!)



Tantric Sexuality

  • Discover tools to guide your woman to deeper, vaginal orgasms (Most women have never had an inner orgasm. Are you ready to be her first?)
  • Learn how to hold her through sexual healing (and yes, almost any women needs healing, and it can be a beautiful experience that brings you closer together)
  • Learn techniques to help her release numbness or pain from her yoni (vagina)
  • Understand what it means to be truly present with her, and why it’s so important for her
  • Learn how to touch consciously, the difference between a 'giving' and a 'stealing' touch and how you can get direct pleasure from touching her (and I don’t mean getting pleasure from seeing her happy. I mean direct!)
  • Understand your own boundaries and hers and how to navigate them for more intense and deep experiences
  • How to slow down and enjoy it
  • How to last longer so you can satisfy her
  • Explore a mind-blowing concept of non-ejaculation & full body orgasm for men



Magic Outside Of The Bedroom

  • Know what to do when she throws an emotional storm at you, how to calm her down, and how to remain in a joyous, loving state in the process
  • Understand the collective feminine wounding and how it impacts her
  • Get some useful tips to keep your woman from nagging and complaining
  • Discover how she understands, receives and expresses love, so you’ll never hear “you don’t love me” again
  • Discover what women need vs what they want and how to give it to them (cause too often we don’t know it ourselves!)

As a member of “True Man” you’re getting:

  • 4 x 60-90 min video training
  • FB group to connect to other members
  • Daily practice instructions
  • Support from our team and Magda

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Magda! I'm still blown away. Its such a relief to get your help. I never imagined a woman can get some good insights into a man’s brain, but you seem to understand men so well. You saw things about myself that I didn’t see. Thank you for your openness, and allowing me to open. I was really afraid of being judged, but you didn’t judge me at all. Thanks to you I could release my own self-judgement. I feel free and much better now. It was amazing meeting you. Keep doing what you do. We need it.

Chris, USA

I am so happy I met you, I can’t even describe it. You talk about the things most people are too shy to talk about. being a woman, this is amazing. I never thought i could learn so much about being a man from a woman, but you have so much knowledge and experience, it was natural to do it. It’s been a pure joy, Magda. You’re such an amazing person. Hope to stay in touch

Mat, UK

you have a beautiful energy, playful but at the same time strong. vulnerable but also in control. a pleasure. I felt great working with you.

Alex, Italy

As a woman I can tell you one thing: we want a strong, secure, true man. That doesn't mean we want a buffed guy, who is making millions of dollars. These are all good added values, but what we're really longing for is a man who will understand us. Who will understand that we get emotional, then we need more time, and will not make us feel guilty for that. If you want to be that man, join the list below to get notified when the program launches.

Don't miss it. Leave your email below to get notified when "True Man" launches.