Ditch the Cold, and Join Our Luxury Retreat For Couples in Bali...

'Superior Lovers - Connecting Heart with Sex'

Bali - January/February 2020

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For couples who are ready to jump in, we have a special deal like no other...

We are still finalizing the details. All we know for sure is...

  • the retreat will happen in Bali
  • in a premium luxury villa/resort
  • it will be 7 days, 6 nights
  • all inclusive (accommodation, food, transportation)
  • will happen around January/February 2020

The exact dates and location are being finalized.

The normal price for this retreat will be 9,000 USD (per couple). But if you're one of the courageous souls who is ready to join us now, you will only pay 5,000 USD (per couple).
That's more than 40% OFF, if you sign up before July 31, 2019.

Join Before Anyone Else & Enjoy 40% OFF

Superior Lovers is a week long luxury retreat for couples

This secluded, island getaway will provide you and your partner the space for nurturing, growing and even reawakening that special connection only the two of you can share.

It's a complete escape from the day-to-day hustle of your driven work life into a world of pleasureecstasy and love.

In this safe and intimate space, you'll explore new ways of relating to your lover, develop a more open approach to your sexuality and nurture the deep needs of your relationship.

Get Ready for a​ Week of Intense Pleasure

The tantric techniques and skills you and your partner will learn during this 7 day retreat will be powerful. Expect sparks to fly as the special chemistry between you two starts reacting in new and exciting ways.

Whether you just started your relationship or have been together for years, this experience is all about charging irresistible desire for your partner.

By exploring the mysteries of Tantra, intimacy and sensuality together, you'll quickly learn how to open your bodies, deepen your 1-on-1 connection and rekindle your love into a sizzling flame.

What To Expect from Superior Lovers?

This retreat is 100% practical in nature. We don't want to tell you how to have passion for each other... we want you to experience it!

Each day, you and your partner will have the chance to learn new intimacy principles and tantric practices.

You'll then get the opportunity to retreat as a couple and practice the juicy things you just learned.

Practice makes perfect so don't be surprised when you get some exciting homework after receiving an exciting new set of tantric tools!

Daily Schedule Designed for You to Explore New Tools and Techniques
and Enough Free Time To Practice and Enjoy The Luxury of Bali with Your Beloved!

Here is just a little preview of what you will explore in the sessions:

This Retreat is For You and Your Partner If...

You're a couple who already have a great relationship, or...

...you want to dive even deeper together, want to explore sacred sensuality and want to bring a spiritual quality to your relationship.

It's also for couples who simply want to learn new skills, techniques and expand their already exciting repertoire.

Or maybe you're a couple in a fresh relationship and want to lay strong foundations for a long-lasting partnership. This couples retreat will be an important investment to help you achieve that in the months and years to come.

And if you're a couple who feels like your passion has faded after being together for many years, this retreat will help you rediscover and rekindle your old spark.

The tools you’ll be given over these 7 days will be like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Not only will this week become one of the most sexually exciting and meaningful experiences you’ve shared together, but you'll go home with a toolkit full of relationship and sexual strategies to keep your adventure burning for a long time to come.

Ladies, this retreat is about empowering your inner lioness...

Are you afraid to express ​your deep sexual desires to ​your man? If so, don't worry...​ most women are.

​Sometimes you might want him to stop ​the ​tender routine and just plow​ you like a beast​​​​... but ​you just never know how to ask, ​do you? ​The fear he'll judge​ you ​for it can be utterly crippling.

​Or worse, you may be tolerating ​things ​he thinks you like, but ​​don't. ​You're afraid that if you told him how to do it your way,​ ​he'd​ overreact, think something was wrong, and jump​ straight into ​"fix it" mode. ​

​All he really needs to do is learn how to ​hold​ space to hear you out fully.

​​Know that this week long retreat is an opportunity ​for him to learn how to listen​ without bringing judgement. ​​If he's usually busy with work and has been unavailable to work on such issues with you, ​you're going to be 100% his priority ​​over our 7 day training.​​​

Your inner lioness ​is going to be empowered to ask for what she wants​ and needs​ from a mighty lion who can help really give it to you!

Gentlemen, this retreat ​is about ​​freeing your ​inner animal...

Let's face it, most men have been taught to feel ​shame ​if they express​ ​animalistic desires​ or show ​vulnerability to ​their ​woman.

Society ​quickly labels men with words like "asshole​", "creep​" or​ "puss​y" to ​put them back in ​their place if they do.

At the same time, women are taught to be shy​ and uncomfortable asking for ​your sexy beast to emerge. ​She's afraid that if she let's you see her "inner slut", you won't respect her anymore.

​The thing is that ​some nights you may ​have the desire to just push her against the wall and ​take her​ while she wants nothing more than for you to be ​a lion and ​plow her hard​.​​​

​​​​​​​​But the combination of fear and a​ poor sexual communication tools ​prevent you both from exploring the spectrum of sexual ​possibilities​​.

​Well, ​this retreat is going to give you ​both the space to ​experiment with new ideas and sexual dynamics that exist between the two of you.

If you've been wanting to try new things, but ​​haven't had the courage or tools to ask, ​our retreat wi​ll help you find the ​mighty heart​ and gentle strength ​you need for your sexy inner ​beast to come out!

What Paradise Looks Like

'Superior Lovers - Connecting Heart with Sex' couples retreat will be held at a private, luxury location in Bali. We are currently checking a few private villas, which we want to fully rent for the retreat. This retreat is limited to 5-6 couples. Each couple will have their own private bedroom with bathroom in a luxury villa, along with the pool and spacious common areas for relaxation and quality time with your partner. We want you to relax, so we will take care of everything. We want to spoil you, so you can fully focus on your relationship.

Just take a moment to imagine how much more ignitable your sexual desires will be each evening in such a premium place...

Meet Your Retreat Facilitators

Magda Kay

Hi, my name is Magda Kay. I am an international facilitator, speaker and thought leader in the world of Tantra, Relationships and Sacred Sexuality.

I take my clients on magical journeys towards deeper intimacy, full-body ecstasy and powerful activation of the heart. I work with men, women and couples from around the world, helping them reconnect to their bodies, reconnect to their partners and expand their ability to love and feel pleasure.

I bring a variety of tools and teachings into my work from social psychology, mental reconditions, Taoism, energy work and Tantric sexuality.

Read more about Magda: www.magdakay.com

Sia Di

Hi, I'm Sia. I am a Sacred Sexuality coach, Body Worker, Healer and Author. I am a founder of The Luv Making School and the author of "7 Principles to Master the Art of Sex". I travel around the world and run workshops on Love, Intimacy and Pleasure.
My mission is to raise sexual consciousness and help men and women to deepen their intimacy and transform into superior lovers.

In my personal journey, like most men, I was puzzled by how to connect with women, how to please them and how to create deep and intimate sexual experiences with them. Today, with 15 years of experience, I understand what it meant to be conscious, to be present with her, to be aware and how to look inwards.  And it's my mission today to share these teachings with others.

Read more about Sia: www.luvmaking.com

I want you to go back to the beginning of ​your relationship…

...when you could hardly focus on anything else but your new partner. Remember ​​those times​ when your entire body felt overwhelming desire for them.

Desiring your partner was easy, ​natural and ​there was always time for sex​.

But eventually, ​the excitement and sexual attraction started to fade and your relationship began to feel a little bit more ​chore-like. Of course you both still loved each other and wanted to stay together, but ​you thought​ ​less and less passion was just part of the deal.

​It was easy to tell yoursel​f this was normal. I mean, ​that's just what happens in long-term relationships​, right?

​You even ​justified this belief because, when you looked at the couples around you, none of them really seemed to keep ​​their flames ​burning for more than a few years​ either...

But whether or not this was your experience in previous relationships or are worried it will happen now, the ​belief that passion ​must fade ​with time is just
not true!

In fact, it's one of the biggest myths of our time.

The reason anything wilts on you in this world is because you stopped nurturing it.

Why would your romantic relationship be any different?

If you can change this belief and learn how to treat your relationship as ​a priority​, keep investing in it and constantly learn new skills to ​help it grow, ​your partnership will thrive.

In fact, with the right nutrients, you ​should expect your ​relationship​ ​to ​strengthen​ and ​​create space for ​innovation — dare I say ​experimentation? — with each passing year!

And while we’re at it, let me bust another MASSIVE myth:

Working on or investing in a relationship ​does not​ imply that it's broken.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

It's ​those couples that continually invest in their relationship ​by ​exploring the arts of passion together that find ​ways to maintain ​​steady ​desire for each other.

Of course, all the tools, techniques and novel​ experiences you'll receive at our retreat ​will help reignite ​​dwindling flames, but the real power of what you'll learn is how to ​consciously tend to your relationship​instead of ​feeling like you have to fix it all the time.

A landmark Harvard study conducted over 75 years concluded that ​one of the ​core ​factors ​​in your health, happiness and longevity is the quality of your most intimate relationship.

So how important is your current relationship to you?

Just think about how much time effort and money you've invested in your personal health over the years.

Try to add up all ​your doctor visits, gym memberships and spa treatments ​that you ​gave yourself. How many thousands of dollars ​did you spen​d on all of them?

Now try to add up how much you've invested in your ​current relationship. When you compare the two in this way, does it feel like you​ might be neglecting the most important connection you have in this world?

If you want a great relationship, you have to invest in it. Your partner is precious and you should treat them as such.


The price includes:
Breakfast, lunch & dinner
All practical teaching sessions and talks
Outdoor activities
Welcome Package Accouterments
Airport pick up

Not Included:

9,000 USD
5,000 USD

Only if you book before July 31, 2019

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Q: Will there be nudity?
- Nudity is allowed in the space. There will be many practices where you will be able to choose to do with or without clothes. Please keep in mind it is always your choice. We encourage you to always be in tune with your body and respect your own boundaries. In no way is nudity imposed at any moment.

Q: Will there be sexual interactions?
- Sex and any form of penetration is welcome and invited within the privacy of your room. In the common space we may work with nudity, and we will work with touch and intimacy, but we will not go into sex or any form of penetration. This is for the comfort of other participants of the retreat, as well as other people in the resort. And we want to respect the local culture.

Q: Will I be doing all practices with my partner? Or will we be switching partners?
- There will be some practices that we will do together, in a group. We will have circles and sharing time, and sometimes we will want to leverage the energy of more people to experience the benefits. However, the core of the retreat is the intimate exercises that you will be doing with your partner, so you can go deeply, connect and expand your relationship.

Q: I am single. Can I still do the program?
- This program is only for couples.

Q: Is this retreat only for heterosexual couples?
- Yes. This is a matter of logistics and the nature of certain exercises. We do not discriminate against any expression of love or sexuality and hopefully in the future we will be able to host events for all types of relationships.

Q: I'm very excited to attend, but my partner isn't sure about it yet. What should I tell them?

- This is a common issue that we see in some of our couples clients. You may be super excited about attending the retreat, but your partner still has some reservations. Or maybe you're afraid that your partner will take it personally if you even approach them about attending the retreat as they may think you're implying that something is wrong with the relationship. Sometimes one partner is ready to evolve, grow and challenge themselves in the relationship, while the other is not ready for change. If you're experiencing something along these lines, here's how you can talk to your partner to help get them excited about attending this retreat:

Make it clear that you are not trying to fix your partner.

  • Assure them about your motivations. If you don't think your relationship is broken, and you simply want to expand the possibilities of an already great partnership, make that very clear to them.
  • Complement your partner on all the qualities you love about them and the relationship.
  • Make sure to express your own vulnerabilities in wanting to attend this retreat.
  • Maybe you wouldn't even have the courage to ask your partner to attend if it wasn't for their open and accepting nature. Perhaps their support and love is what fuels you to expand your comfort zone and dive deeper in to the relationship with them.
  • Share your reasons for wanting to attend the retreat. Let your partner know exactly why you want to come. It may turn out that they are excited to attend as a way to help you get what you desire.
  • Help your partner see the benefits for them in attending the couples retreat. You know your partner best. Maybe they've been wanting to pursue certain experiences that you haven't felt comfortable with. Could this intimate couples retreat be an opportunity for you both to explore new territory together?

If you would like some help, we are more than happy to speak with your partner to give them assurances about what to expect and answer any of their questions.

They can contact us anytime at [email protected]

We are happy to speak to your partner if they need any assurances about the experience or would like to ask us more questions. Please have them contact us anytime at:

[email protected]

Join Before Anyone Else & Enjoy 40% OFF