One-on-One Private Mentorship:

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality

I keep getting asked...

"Where did you learn all about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality?"

Frankly, it was a complex path of many years, because truth it, this knowledge is not widely available. There is no book you can read to get it all. You'd need to spend endless hours on You Tube and blogs searching for bits of the information you want. You have to know the right people, you have to hear about the right retreat, or pack your things and move to one of the hidden Tantric communities to learn it.

I vividly remember my own desperation to explore Tantra and the many years where I kept searching but didn't find any good source or a person to learn from.

This is why I decided to offer these teachings myself, and to do it ONLINE. This program is the most comprehensive training giving you an in-depth introduction into Tantra & Sacred Sexuality. We will explore all the major concepts and you will receive tools and techniques for own practice. If you've wanted to learn Tantra, search no more - here you will get it ALL.

Welcome to:

Tantra & Sacred Sexuality Private Mentorship

is a 1-on-1, 12-week online program designed to give you
the core teachings and techniques into Sacred Sexuality and Tantra to open fully your sexual potential and create a deep, loving relationship.

Here is what you're getting in these 12 weeks:

WEEK 1 |


  • Qualities of the feminine energy
  • Qualities of the masculine energy
  • How the masculine-feminine interact and impact each other
  • How these energies flow in a male and female body
  • Shakti-Shiva dance

WEEK 2 |


  • What is sexual energy & its unique characteristics
  • Understanding your Energy Body and how it's built (main energy centers and channels in a body)
  • Incredible properties of ojas and how to conserve it
  • Explosive vs Implosive orgasms

WEEK 3 |


  • How to engage Energy Body in a sexual experience
  • Sex as a form of spiritual practice
  • Benefits and techniques for energy sublimation
  • Transfiguration & Consecration

WEEK 4 |


  • Breath as the carrier of prana, the life force
  • Opening the Throat Center
  • Balancing masculine-feminine with the breath
  • Breathing technique for increasing sexual sensitivity

WEEK 5 |


  • 5-min practice to activate your sex center
  • Techniques for drawing more vitality and endurance from Earth
  • Using you sexual energy to open and balance your chakras
  • Strengthening and expanding your energy body

WEEK 6 |


  • What is energy orgasm
  • Male sexuality: curve of pleasure & point of no return
  • Ejaculation vs orgasm
  • Full body orgasms (for both women and men)
  • Becoming multi-orgasmic

WEEK 7 |


  • What's stopping you from opening sexually?
  • What are deeply held beliefs about sex and relationships?
  • Getting to know your inner child
  • Identifying your negative patterns

WEEK 8 |


  • What can cause sexual trauma
  • How the physical body stores negative memories
  • Defence mechanisms the body uses to protect itself from pain (and how it impacts your sexuality)
  • Working with guilt & shame around sexuality
  • Working with numbness and pain
  • Self practices for healing

WEEK 9 |


  • Breaking from negative patterns in relationships
  • Opening Heart Center for true, deep connection
  • Projection & other defence mechanism
  • Tantric practices for deeper intimacy between partners
  • Core wounding and how it impacts who you're attracted to

WEEK 10 |


  • The most powerful tool for manifesting your desires
  • How to start consciously manifesting with sexual energy
  • Sex Magic ritual for singles and couples

WEEK 11 |


  • Understand your Astrology and how it impacts your sexuality and relationships
  • Discover your Sexual Type
  • Find your predominant Element and the most compatible partner

WEEK 12 |


  • This is the time to summarize and integrate the teachings and a chance to dive into your questions

How this program works:

* The program is  3 months long (12 weeks)

* We meet live, once a week, for 60-90 minute online session, in which we will dive into the topic of the week

* This program combines knowledge and practice. You will be given tools and techniques and to practice after the session for the following week.

It is a 100% individual, 1-on-1 program - ONLY YOU & ME

* The final session is an Integration session. This is the time to go back to any topic that you may need more time for, and answer any of your questions.

* The exact time and date for sessions will be mutually agreed to adjust them to your schedule, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

* As this is one-on-one program, I am opening only 5 spots available (so you can have my full attention)

Price: 5,500 USD

First, please fill out the application below.
Once received, we will schedule a free 30-min call between you and Magda to answer your questions and see if this program is the best match for you.

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