for Women, Men & Couples

Discover Tantric sexuality and deeper levels of connection with my Online Coaching program for Women, Men and Couples.

I bring my experience from Social Psychology, Theta Healing and Tantra Yoga to guide you to explore the full potential of your physical body, activate your subtle energy body for deeper pleasure and blast open your heart so you can give and receive more love.

Online coaching is a great tool if you want to implement changes to your lifestyle and need guidance to do this. This is also a perfect path if you want to understand why and how behind the process.


I have worked with men, women and couples from all around the world. Some of them come to me because they want to explore a deeper, tantric connection with their partner, but they don't know how to get started. Other come because they feel they have no one they can talk to about their sexual fantasies, or a different type of a relationship they're in. Yet others are looking for support in dealing with a divorce. There are as many different stories, as they are people...

Read a few stories of men and women who have worked with me. Maybe you can relate to some of them.


I practice open relationships. I recently met a woman I'm in love with but she is afraid to explore open relationships. We talked about it and she is curious, but she still has her fears. I really care about her and so I wanted some help, but it is not easy to find a coach who works with open relationships. When I came across Magda I finally felt there is someone who understands me and who can help. She showed me how to talk to my partner and how to make her feel safe and supported. It was really helpful.

Alex, Canada
Katerina, Australia

At the beginning of the session Magda said that this conversation with her would be “life changing”. I was married and in an abusive relationship, and not long after our sessions i had the courage and strength to stand in my power and leave my now X husband. Magda helped me to shift a belief that “it was ok to be abused”. But it was not just my marriage that was like that, i have had interactions after the coaching sessions where there was disrespect and i just got up and walked away straight away with 100% confidence and conviction. If this had have happened in the past i would have just put up with it and handled it very differently. Magda instantly made me feel comfortable after our first conversation, as she has the ability to listen with appreciation and not judge. She created a safe place for me to allow myself to become vulnerable and open up and navigate my way through what was going on for me and helped me shift it. Magda is a genuine beautiful soul who wants to make a difference in the world and she has made this difference in my life and i thank her from the very bottom of my heart. xxxxx

Katerina, Australia
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Coaching can change your life, but it can't do it without you. You have to show up and meet me half way through. This is why I don't offer single sessions. Because in one session I cannot change your life. But in a month, I can.


Before deciding on a package, let's talk. I offer a trial session - a full 90-min coaching session for both of us to see what working together will look like.


STEP 1: Pay a fee of $150

* The $150 fee is valid for 30 days and is non-refundable
*This is a special offer for the fist-time prospective clients ONLY


STEP 2: Fill out the application form

CLICK HERE to fill out the application

STEP 3: Wait for our email to schedule your call

FAQ - in case you have some questions...

Is this a proper coaching session or just a trial?

This is a 100% full and proper coaching session. Just because it costs less than you would normally need to pay, it does not diminish the value of what you’re getting. It is not a sales call, nor a discovery session. We will dive deep dissecting your fears and creating a shift in your mind and life.

Why do I need to pay?

Because I only want to talk to people who are serious. I am investing 1.5 hours of my time for you. And if I am to do that, I am asking you to be committed. Paying a fee, even a small one, triggers commitment in you. When we get something for free, we don’t value it. I want to see that your future is worth to you those $50 (and I hope it's worth more than that). It’s just psychology, that’s all.

And why do I need to fill out the application?

Because this allows me to be prepared for our call. Knowing where you’re coming from and what your goals are allows us to have the most productive coaching conversations.

Coaching can be powerful, but it requires both of us to do the work. You have to be willing to open up and this is your first chance to do it.

Will I try to sell you a coaching package?

Maybe yes, maybe not. Based on our conversation I will evaluate if continuing coaching for an extended period of time is the best solution for you and for me.